Pottery Painting kits

These Pottery Painting kits are designed for you to have a little bit of the Dixie Dot Experience outside of the studio.

We supply you with your chosen pottery and the specialist ceramic paint - you take it away and paint 'til your heart's content! 

It needs to be returned to the Dixie Dot Craft Studio to be glazed and fired when you're finished - which is the bit that makes it look all shiny and seals your design in!

Each paint kit has 7 pots of paint which you can then mix to make further colours. It also comes with 1 brush.

Paint can be mixed with water to give a ‘wash’ finish or painted on the item to give a solid block of colour.

Pots are reusable when you have finished.

Paint is non toxic and washable.

Full instructions are included. 


*If you would like to hire a full kit with 20+ colours, a range of brushes and some paint palettes please contact us for availability.*