How it works - Pottery Painting

It is always recommended that you reserve your table by using the booking facility within the calendar. Walk ins are possible, however due to the volume of parties, mobile events and workshops it may not always be possible to accommodate you - and I hate to disappoint anyone! 

Choose your item 

We have over 30 'blank' items in stock including money boxes, tablewear, jugs and photo frames. We also have a number of childrens ornaments. Prices range fom £4 to £30. There are no added extras or studio fees on top. The price you see is the price you pay!

 Paint your piece

Using stencils, stamps or freehand designs you can start to make the item individual to you with specialist ceramic paints. We are on hand to offer advice and tips along the way! Younger children are encouraged to release their creativity and make bright and colourful masterpieces. They can also do handprints or even finger painting. 

Painting time usually lasts an hour to an hour and half depending on the complexity of your design. 

Leave it to us!

When you are finished, we will glaze and fire your item on site. This takes approximately a week. By the time you collect them they are not only beautifully vibrant decorative items but fully useable and food safe too. 

The most common comment heard in the studio is 'but I am not creative, I could never make anything look good!'. My answer to that is GIVE IT A GO! We have so many hints, tips and tools to advise you on and you don't even have to be good at freehand drawing. We have special clay carbon paper to trace a design that you may have found in a book or online. Just bring it along and we will help you with the rest!