Button Art kit

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Our Button Art kits are a brilliant and creative way to make some unique wall art. Ideal for beginners age 4+ to 104, this pack gives you all you need to enjoy some therapeutic crafting at home!


Buttons - approx 125
PVA glue

5 Templates

How to make your canvas: 

Select the template of your choice. 

With a rounded off pencil very lightly draw round the template on the canvas - don’t press too hard though or you will go through! 

Plan out your buttons onto your template - place them where you think they should go, overlapping the pencil line slightly to cover it 

Glue the canvas and each button into place - make sure you paint the flattest side of the button so it sticks. 

Leave the canvas flat to dry or the buttons will slide down your canvas and sit at the bottom! 

Home idea: if you have paint at home you can paint your a different colour first. It will dry while you are choosing where to put your buttons!

Parental notice: Please supervise young children when doing this craft as buttons may pose a choking hazard