Complete Paint Set - Refill for free!

  • £50.00

Only 5 left!


This is your chance to purchase a COMPLETE paint set that's all yours!

What's more - this special offer means you NEVER run out of paint ever again because each 2oz pot it refillable for FREE as soon as you run out! 

Yep, return it to up for a top up as soon as you start running low and we will fill it for free. 

You get a 2oz labelled bottle for all TWENTY of the colours of the specialist ceramic underglaze called Stroke n Coat that we use at Dixie Dot Crafts. 

No more limited colours, or running out when you need it most! 

These are made to order so please allow 7-10 days for us to order your kit. 

Colours are: 

(1) Tuxedo

(2) Camel Back 

(3) Rawhide

(4) Moody Blue

(5) Blue Yonder

(6) Teal Next Time

(7) Fruit of the Vine

(8) Orkid

(9) Pink A Dot

(10) Rosey Posey

(11) Candy Apply Red

(12) Hot Tamale

(13) Melon-choly

(14) Orange A Peel

(15) Sunkissed 

(16) Sour Apple

(17) Just Froggy

(18) Cotton Tail 

(19) Jaded

(20) Silver Lining

2 6-hole paint palettes will be included in your kit for free! 

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