Family Pizza & Pottery Night

Family Pizza & Pottery Night

  • £5.00


Fancy a treat for all the family?

How does it work?

- Earn some brownie points by telling the kids you're taking them out
- Book on using this link
-Buy nibbles (optional!)
-Come along to Dixie Dot Craft Studio

- Eat some pizza (that’s what your deposit pays for!)
-Choose your item(s)
-Paint it
-Have a natter - they can't hide behind a screen!
-Have a giggle

-Pay for your items
-Collect it the following week!

Simple as that!

The most common comment I hear in the studio is 'but I'm not arty or creative'. GOOD NEWS! You don't need to be. I have lots of tips and advice to help. Why not bring along a picture or template and I'll show you how to transfer it onto your chosen piece? 

Give it a go - it's not just for kids, it's for you AND the kids!