Friendship bracelet Kit

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Stuck without your friends in this tricky time? Why not make them a friendship bracelet to let them know you are thinking about them?!

With this lovely kit you can now weave your own friendship bracelets.

Each kit comes with a foam colour-coded ring  plus 7 metres of different coloured threads The instructions guide you through making a basic design.

Once you start you will be hooked! 



7 Strands of thread (various colours)

1 foam wheel


To make a friendship bracelet you need 7 strands of embroidery thread approx 1 metre long each. As a rule of thumb enough to wrap round your wrist 3 ½ times. 

Put all strands together in a bunch, making sure the ends are about even. 

Tie all strands together with a sturdy knot approximately 3cm from one end. 

Place the tied strands through the hole in the middle of the foam wheel from the top down - about a cm or two into the hole. 

Now separate the long  strands out, placing one into one of the coloured triangle slots in the foam wheel. This should leave one coloured triangle spare. 

During this making of this friendship bracelet you should have a spare triangle at all times. 

Hold the foam wheel so the empty triangle is always in front of your tummy. 

From the empty triangle count three triangles round in an anticlockwise motion and pull that thread from the slot and pull it into the slot of the empty triangle. 

Turn the wheel so the new empty slot is facing your tummy

Count around three triangles in an anticlockwise motion again.

Move that thread into the empty slot

Twist the wheel so the new empty slot is facing your tummy, count three round and repeat. 

Keep the threads relatively tight - at first the centre knot will be pulled about a little bit but try to keep it in the centre as much as possible. 

After a few rotations it will straighten itself up. 

It will take a good 10 or 20 rotations before you start to see your bracelet growing so keep going - just repeat the previous steps. 

It’s good practice to run your fingers down the threads after every 3rd or 4th rotation of the wheel to ensure they aren’t getting tangled! 

When you are happy with the length of your bracelet remove all the strands from the wheel, put it on and tie the ends together. You can then cut off any excess strands! 

Congratulations, you have made your first friendship bracelet!


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