Pebble Painting Kit

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Pebble Painting is exactly what you think it is... painting pebbles! But there is a little more to it than that! 

Over the last few years there has been many a happy child, and adult, that has stumbled across a happy pebble. That one moment has the power to change someone's day, outlook, even life! 

Dixie Dot has a Facebook Group called 'Positivity Rocks at Dixie Dot's' - and it's our mission to spread some happiness, love and bright colours out into the world. 

Buy a paint kit, design your own pebbles - we have many posted for ideas in the group!

In this kit you will get 3 large-size decorative pebbles, washed and ready to paint, a set of 6 acrylic paints and two brushes - a thicker one for coverage and a fine tipped brush for detailing. 

You have the option of sealing your artwork to protect them for longer with varnish. Acrylic Paint is waterproof but will start to flake if left submerged or wet for a long time. Alternatively you could just make them as decorative ornaments for around the house.

** While we are social distancing it's advised that we don't pick up pebbles and rehide them due to the small potential of passing on any germs - or use hand sanitiser on your walks! For now you can take photos of them and share them in the Positivity Rocks Facebook group. When restrictions are lifted you are welcome to take your pebble finds and rehide them to spread the joy and let us know when you find them. We can see how far they travel!**

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