Glazing & Firing Service

Glazing & Firing Service

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** You no longer need to book in **

To have your pottery glazed and fired you will need to return it to us the studio.  

In order to do this you must come to one of our advertised session times which are on the Facebook page and pinned to the top so everyone can find it. 

These times are updated on Sundays for the following week. 

We will check in your pottery, take your contact details and provide you with a receipt which you will then need to collect it again once it's been fired. This process may take a few minuted to complete. 


In order to do this safely within the Government Covid19 guidelines you will only be able to enter our premises and go to the till where we will take your pottery from you. 

Please ensure you have all your pottery wrapped safely. We will check you pottery for any sign of damage when we receive it back as we cannot be liable for any damage that may have occurred whilst in your possessional care.

Please DO turn up within the advertised times. If we are outside of these times we will not be able to take your pottery from you even if we are there. Our time is managed very tightly and we have all the glazing and firing/running of a busy studio to do at the same time. Please do not be offended when we ask you to come back at the right time. 

Please DO adhere to social distancing if there is a queue.